Technical Support, Maintenance & Documentation


Technical Support and Documentation

Calypso Networks Association (CNA) offers comprehensive technical support, maintenance of the security Calypso-based ticketing systems and documentation to ensure all users can get the most out of Calypso technology.

Technical support

All Calypso technology respects existing standards to enable seamless integration and support global interoperability. CNA offers additional peace of mind through its expert team who are always on hand to offer technical support and assistance as required. Members of CNA benefit from preferential rates.

If you are interested in learning more about the technical support offered by CNA, please get in touch with the CNA team.

Security maintenance

IT security and quality of service of ticketing systems is a major issue for transport authorities and operators. Maintaining a quality of service, especially in terms of transactional performance, and a level of security in line with the needs expressed, is closely linked to the interaction between the software of the various system equipment and the transactional software core of the terminal/customer support exchange, which is the subject of the Calypso license.

In order to meet these expectations of transport authorities and operators, CNA has set up exclusive services for the improvement of the quality of service and for the monitoring and security maintenance of Calypso ticketing systems.

Learn more about CNA’s maintenance services

Technical documentation

All technical documentation related to Calypso technology, including the specification of the Calypso OS for portable objects, is available in the Calypso technical document library.
Simply register to gain access.

There are specific documents, including implementation notes and audit and security specifications, which are only available to CNA members. Additionally, a small number of documents will require a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) to gain access, in line with CNA’s security guidelines.

Test kit

In order to better understand Calypso, to test its functionalities and to help master its integration in different contexts, CNA makes a Test Kit available to everyone.

The Test Kit includes Prime and Light cards from different suppliers, as well as SAM security modules, in different configurations.

The Test Kit is particularly suitable for IT developers who use or want to use the open source SDK Eclipse Keyple

To learn more about the Test Kit, please refer to its User Manual.
To purchase a Test Kit, get in touch with the team. Preferential rates are granted to CNA members.


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