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World-class expertise and strategic support

Calypso Networks Association is supported by a world-class team of experts with extensive knowledge and experience across the transport and mobility sector. The CNA team can provide strategic support and expert guidance on industry best practice, aligned to local, regional, national or global ticketing requirements.

CNA’s expert team is also available to support and educate organisations which wish to learn more about the benefits of adopting Calypso as an open standard ticketing framework.

If you would like further information about the strategic support offered by CNA, you can get in touch with the team here.

CLUB « Security and Quality of Service of Ticketing Information Systems using the Calypso standard”

Calypso Networks Association has established a body dedicated to analyzing the security and quality of service of ticketing information systems that are based on Calypso. The Club is open only to ticketing system managers (mainly transport authorities and operators).

The issues addressed concern the Ticketing Information System as a whole, and not only those related to the Calypso protocol for data exchange between card and reader. For example, topics taken in charge by the Club are attempted fraud in remote reloading or in the sequencing of payment/reloading sequences, problems of incompatibility between cards/phones and validators, problems of duplicate transactions, etc.

Moreover, the missions of the Club are ensured by experts made up of staff made available by Calypso Networks Association, with technical skills on Calypso and on the operation of a TIS, as well as IS security experts with the required qualifications for these missions. The three main missions of the Club are:

  • Collection of all operating anomalies, security problems and frauds reported by member networks + monitoring.
  • Analysis of anomalies and frauds, and proposal of remedies in the short term (reaction measures) and in the longer term (prevention measures and sustainable solutions).
  • Organization of exchanges with the manufacturers concerned and all the transport authorities and operators.

The fare charged depends on the importance of the transport network concerned. This importance is determined according to the number of annual public transport trips provided by the network concerned (according to the network’s declaration).

These rates correspond to a one-year subscription to the Calypso-based ticketing system security and quality of service analysis.

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