Supporto Strategico

Competenza e supporto a livello mondiale

Calypso Networks Association si avvale di un team di esperti di livello mondiale, dotati di una vasta conoscenza ed esperienza nel settore dei trasporti e della mobilità. Il team CNA può fornire supporto strategico e una guida esperta sulle migliori pratiche del settore, in linea con i criteri di bigliettazione locali, regionali, nazionali o globali.

Il team di esperti CNA è inoltre disponibile per fornire supporto e formazione alle organizzazioni che desiderano conoscere più a fondo i vantaggi connessi all’adozione della struttura di bigliettazione con standard aperto Calypso.

Se desideri ricevere ulteriori informazioni sul supporto strategico offerto da CNA, contatta il team qui.

What our members say

RATP Smart Systems was a pioneer in implementing Keyple in a major project involving some 1500 terminals rolled out in the Paris Region.

Time was critical and although Keyple was chosen to ease the integration of Calypso in contactless terminals, support was required, all the more as this was the first major implementation of Keyple which incurred teething issues for obvious reasons.

The support we received from CNA was invaluable. Not only was their level of expertise second to none but the amount of support they provided and their responsiveness was truly outstanding.

Grégory Boissinot,

RATP Smart Systems

Casa Transport, the leading authority for transport within Casablanca and the wider region,  needed to establish an efficient intermodal public transport network through the tramway, the BHNS and the bus networks.

Ticketing interoperability was fundamental for this public transport offer. In order to ensure the openness and interoperability of our selected systems and equipment, Casa Transport contacted Calypso Networks Association for support.

CNA evaluated the technology to ensure it was truly interoperable and could provide a sustainable framework that can evolve  in accordance with CNA’s open standards guidelines. This project was delivered successfully and to the full satisfaction of Casa Transport.

Nabil Belabed,

Casa Transport