Calypso for Cards

The Calypso standard supports three main product lines: Calypso Prime, Calypso Light and Calypso Basic. All products are part of the same family, with the same security mechanisms and the same unique software in the reader, to achieve the required level of protection, ensure compatibility and ease the integration.

Designed for transportation and multi-application, ready for multi-service and mobile.

  • Ticketing across a wide range of platforms and environments, including multi-application and mobile.
  • Supports an account-based ticketing scheme.
  • Provides cross network and cross-border interoperability.
  • Stores a number of contracts / different ticketing options.

Focused on transport, events, access control, perfect for occasional users.

  • Provides same security level as Calypso Prime.
  • Supports an account-based ticketing scheme.
  • Has lower maintenance costs than magnetic stripe cards.
  • Supports two contracts from the same operator.

Contactless paper tickets done right, at the lowest cost, for a full contactless ticketing.

  • Provides same security level as Calypso Prime and Light.
  • Has low installation and integration costs.
  • Supports one contract

To view the technical specifications, visit the Calypso Documentation Library.

Where can I buy Calypso cards?

Multiple manufacturers provide Calypso cards.

All card products require functional certification to confirm that they fully conform to the Calypso specifications and therefore connect with a reader in the same manner regardless of supplier. All chips from Calypso cards must also achieve an EAL4+ security evaluation or dedicated security guidelines. Beyond the functional certification, CNA strongly recommends compliance with the RF certification promoted by the Smart Ticketing Alliance (STA).

CNA wishes to promote products that have all these certifications. This combination defines the CNA approval for Calypso cards.

Discover all CNA approved cards.

If you want to test Prime, Light and Basic cards with the Calypso Test Kit, please get in touch with the team.