Solutions Overview

CNA is the governing body of Calypso technology

Calypso® is an open, secure ticketing standard that promotes innovation and is used in more than 25 countries and over 170 cities globally. It has been designed by transport operators for transport operators to ensure long-term usability.

As the needs, expectations and behaviours of travellers are so diverse, it is impossible to meet them all with a single ticketing solution. To reflect this, the Calypso standard supports a wide product portfolio to accommodate all traveller needs, regular or occasional, in any configuration, media or system.


Calypso for Cards

The Calypso standard supports three main product lines: Calypso Prime, Calypso Light and Calypso Basic. All products are part of the same family, with the same security mechanisms and the same unique software in the reader, to achieve the required level of protection, ensure compatibility and ease the integration.

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Calypso for Mobile

Travellers can order, buy and validate tickets using a connected consumer device, such as a smartphone or smartwatch.

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Calypso for Terminals

Calypso for terminals supports the security and interoperability of contactless ticketing systems. It does this through its Calypso SAM (Secure Access Module) standard, as well as the open source software development kit (SDK) for contactless ticketing, Eclipse Keyple.

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Calypso for ABT


Members of the mobile ticketing community are increasingly interested in ticketing systems that rely less on “card-centric” solutions – where data is stored in portable objects and managed by terminals – in favour of “server-centric” solutions where data is stored and managed in a remote data centre.

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Calypso for Interoperability

Hoplink is a service which allows customers to travel seamlessly locally, nationally and internationally, by merging all of their tickets and travel cards into one single card or app. It is based on Calypso ticketing technology, which is designed to allow interoperability between networks.

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Certification & Branding

Learn about CNA’s robust, independent certification programme. Confirming that products will perform as advertised and to the required standard expected by users creates an equal, competitive marketplace. This makes it possible to mandate Calypso product certification in tenders and encourage ticketing innovation and cross market mobility services.

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