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Bringing members of the transport, mobility and services community together to control and evolve the contactless ticketing ecosystem through open standards

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CNA in numbers 2024

About Calypso Networks Association (CNA)

CNA is a not-for-profit organisation which brings members of the transport, mobility and services community together to exchange ideas, experiences and requirements to advance open systems that support seamless, consumer ticketing needs.

The CNA community combines transport and mobility authorities, operators, and service providers, as well as technology manufacturers and transport consultants.

It is a diverse and welcoming community which spans public and private sector organisations.

Download the CNA Handbook now: our most comprehensive guide yet to Calypso technologies, implementations, governance, engagement, support, and economic impact.

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CNA is defined, driven and delivered by a global network of members.

It provides a unique opportunity to exchange ideas, experiences, and requirements within a supportive and collaborative environment. Together, there is an opportunity to secure control over the smart ticketing ecosystem and create a sustainable framework for the future.

New members are warmly invited to join the community and enjoy exclusive membership benefits.

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