Ligar a comunidade de bilhetagem sem contacto

Reunir os membros da comunidade de transportes, mobilidade e serviços para controlar e desenvolver o ecossistema de bilhetagem sem contacto através de normas abertas

Sobre a Calypso Networks Association (CNA)

A CNA é uma organização sem fins lucrativos que reúne os membros da comunidade de transportes, mobilidade e serviços para trocar ideias, experiências e requisitos para promover sistemas abertos que apoiem as necessidades dos gestores e usuários de sistemas de bilhetagem sem problemas.

A comunidade CNA combina autoridades de transporte e mobilidade, operadores e prestadores de serviços, bem como industriais (provedores de cartões e integradores) e consultores especialistas na área.

É uma comunidade diversa e acolhedora que abrange organizações dos setores público e privado.


O novo Manual da Calypso Networks Association – o seu guia completo para a CNA.

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Junte-se à Comunidade CNA

A CNA é definida, guiada e suportada por uma rede global de membros.

Oferece uma oportunidade única para trocar ideias, experiências e requisitos num ambiente pleno de apoio e colaboração. Juntos, temos a oportunidade de garantir o controlo sobre o ecossistema de bilhetagem e criar um quadro sustentável para o futuro.

Os novos membros são calorosamente convidados a aderir à comunidade e desfrutar dos benefícios exclusivos de adesão.

Saber mais.

What do our members say about CNA?

The support we received from CNA was invaluable. Not only was their level of expertise second to none but the amount of support they provided and their responsiveness was truly outstanding.

Grégory Boissinot,

RATP Smart Systems

In order to ensure the openness and interoperability of our selected systems and equipment, Casa Transport contacted Calypso Networks Association for support. CNA evaluated the technology to ensure it was truly interoperable and could provide a sustainable framework that can evolve  in accordance with CNA’s open standards guidelines. This project was delivered successfully and to the full satisfaction of Casa Transport.

Nabil Belabed,

Casa Transport

The support of Calypso Networks Association was essential in the process of decision making, since they helped in the analysis of the possible scenarios and in the construction of a unified vision involving the needs of every transport operator.

Viridiana Yelitza Delgado Yáñez,

SEMOVI, Mexico City

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It’s CNA’s 20th Birthday!

Last Thursday and Friday, the CNA board met and took this opportunity to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the creation of the association! Stay t...

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CNA 20th Anniversary: an innovation that dates back to an...

Calypso: A technology so practical and easy to use, it is suitable for anyone, at any age. This month, we are showcasing an Egyptian hieroglyph, which...

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CNA Handbook: Connecting the digital ticketing community.

As the governing body of Calypso technologies, CNA empowers transport operators, authorities, and mobility providers to achieve simple, secure ticketi...

Added: 07/03/2023

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Transport Ticketing Global 2023 in London

Say hello to us at booth F61 to meet our experts Gianluca Cuzzolin, Ralph Gambetta, Paulo Barreto and Ludovic TEIXEIRA COSTA. Gianluca and Ralph will ...

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We are living in a world of complex challenges. 2022 highlighted the scale, interconnectivity and consequences of a range of shifting factors includin...

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CNA’s guide to tenders

Calypso was created to be developed, maintained and managed by transport authorities and operators who together form the Calypso Networks Association ...

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