CNA Quarterly Update: Q1 2021

Earlier in 2021, CNA outlined its strategic priorities for the year. These priorities focus on furthering our role in bringing members of the transport, mobility and services community together to control and evolve the contactless ticketing ecosystem through open standards. We will do this through technical advancements; promoting trust and transparency, and educating and connecting the contactless ticketing community around the world.

In order to keep the CNA community updated on our progress, we are launching a new blog series: CNA’s Quarterly Update where we will share the latest developments and initiatives for the association. In the first blog of the series, we are pleased to share the highlights from January to March 2021. We also invite you to subscribe to the CNA newsletter for monthly updates including details of upcoming events and resources.

Key milestones for Calypso technology

In January, it was announced that Navigo travel cards, which are used across the Greater Paris region and are based on the Calypso standard, can be reloaded on iPhone and are compatible with Apple Pay. This marked a huge milestone for Calypso technology, enabling even more passengers to enjoy seamless, convenient access to the Paris bus and metro network, reducing queues and facilitating faster payment for journeys.

Another major endorsement for Calypso technology followed when the Greater Paris region once again committed to Calypso Cards. In February, Comutitres tendered for the supply of approximately 60 million Calypso cards, which are to be supplied over the next eight years. This endorsement from a major public transportation system once again attests to the value and quality of Calypso technology.

Technical updates

Regular technical updates are crucial to maintaining the quality and performance of Calypso technology, as well as expanding the range of potential applications. The first months of 2021 have already seen the release of important updates, including version 0.9.0 of Keyple C++.

There have also been several significant updates to the technical document library on the Calypso Technical Support website. This includes new and updated versions of key documentation such as specifications and technical requirements, providing members with a central resource for all Calypso technical documentation.

Connecting the contactless ticketing community through events

CNA has participated in several virtual events during the first quarter of the year, including a joint seminar with AsstrA and the annual Conférence Ville, Rail & Transports.

Events are an important opportunity to connect the community and share knowledge and insight. CNA has a strong pipeline of virtual training sessions, including our upcoming Spring Training event. All sessions are available in a virtual format, ensuring that stakeholders can continue to develop the key skills required to develop, optimise, and manage high-quality transport ticketing systems, whatever their requirements or context. For more detail on upcoming events, please visit our events page.

A growing Calypso community

As a member-driven community which seeks to connect the global transport ticketing ecosystem, CNA warmly welcomes new members. We are delighted to have extended our community with four new members during the first quarter of the year:

Advancing contactless ticketing

2021 has huge potential for the association and the first quarter of the year has been highly promising. With the support of our growing member community, we look forward to continuing this momentum throughout 2021 and keeping you updated on our progress.