Technical Documentation Update

A significant update of the document database at Calypso Technical Support website is now available.
It includes new documents, updated documents, and deprecated documents.

New documents:

  • Requirements for terminals:

Three layers have been defined to facilitate integration into the terminal and ensure interoperability between layers allowing the modules to evolve independently of each other. The following documents are now the reference for developers who want to develop the different components of a terminal: 

  • The Reader Layer requirements ( 200422-ReaderLayerRequirements v1) provides a consistent and uniform interface, regardless of the reader provider (and even type of portable object), ensuring that all readers provide a minimal common set of functionalities
  • The Calypso Layer requirements ( 200423-CalypsoLayerRequirements v1) contains all of the Calypso complexity and Calypso settings.
  • The Ticketing Layer requirements ( 200430-TicketingLayerRequirements v1) includes all the other components of the system like the Data Model processing, business rules management.


  • Hoplink Terminal Audit:
    • Guidelines, ref. 150212-CCTA-Guidelines v1.4.
      This document presents the infrastructure that is used by CNA in granting a label after an audit of a terminal able to modify contracts in the Hoplink application. This audit mainly targets the interoperability features of Hoplink and ensures that a vending terminal will not interfere with contracts issued by other Hoplink operators.
    • Test List, ref. 150210-CTTA-TestList v1.6.
      This document enumerates the tests done during a Hoplink terminal audit, and questions related to the audited terminal.
  • HCE Calypso Interoperable Application (HCIA) specification, ref. 200202-HCIA v1.0.
    Specification of a Calypso HCE application allowing interoperability for terminals able to process Hoplink applications.


Updated documents, with main modifications:

  • Calypso Basic Specification, ref. 191011-CalypsoBasic v1.1.
    Several minor functional and editorial modifications.
    Switch to new Calypso document template.
  • Calypso File Structure Registry, ref. 060709-CalypsoFiles v1.10.
    Added Calypso Basic file structure.
    Switch to new Calypso document template.
  • Technical notes:
    (All switching to new Calypso technical note template.)

    • Calypso Technical Note #001: Startup Information, ref. CalypsoTN001-StartupInfo.
      Added platforms and manufacturers/software issuers.
      Removed topics now addressed in terminal requirements documents.
    • Calypso Technical Note #016: Portable Object Data Signature Management, ref. CalypsoTN016-PoDataSign.
      Generalization to any kind of data (not only contracts).
      New examples, that can be verified with actual test SAMs.
      This note was previously referred to as CalypsoTN016-ContractSign.
    • Calypso Technical Note #308: Ratification, ref. CalypsoTN308-Ratification.
      The ratification message should always be sent as soon as possible.
      Recommended ratification command changed to Read Records.
      Improved guidelines about when to close a session in “not ratified” mode.
    • Calypso Technical Note #313: Secure Session Example, ref. CalypsoTN313-SessionTrace.Mostly editorial modifications, also considering the new and updated documents.
    • Calypso Technical Note #318: Pre-Personalization, ref. CalypsoTN318-PrePerso.
      KIF must be provided to applications.
      Editorial modifications, also considering the new and updated documents.
    • Calypso Technical Note #323: Initialization, ref. CalypsoTN323_Initialization.
      Editorial modifications.
  • Calypso Security White Paper, ref. 080131-CalypsoSecurity v1.2.
    Calypso Prime Revision 3.3, Calypso HCE and Calypso Basic taken into account.
    Updated note about TDES & DESX usage.
    Switch to new Calypso document template.

Deprecated documents:
(Dealing with topics now addressed in terminal requirements documents, or with obsolete topics.)

  • CalypsoTN003-CompatTypeAB
  • CalypsoTN005-HSP
  • CalypsoTN006-SAM
  • CalypsoTN008-Ratification
  • CalypsoTN009-KeySelect & CalypsoTN309-KeySelect
  • CalypsoTN011-SessionIssues & CalypsoTN311-SessionIssues
  • CalypsoTN012-ISO14443B
  • CalypsoTN013-SessionTrace
  • CalypsoTN024-SessionSecuritGuidelines
  • 091018-ReaderRecommendations
  • 090424-ProductRemoteLoading
  • 100615-CalypsovsEMVCoSpecs