Eclipse Keyple – 1.0 Java Version is available!

Release of Eclipse Keyple v.1.0 (JAVA)

Keyple is an open source software that enables developers to design applications that interact with smart cards and facilitate secure Calypso transactions. Keyple was initiated by CNA and is now hosted by the Eclipse Foundation, which guarantees the total openness of the code without any form of Intellectual Property.

 The Keyple library offers:

  • A Keyple Core module enabling uniform piloting of all types of smart card reader solutions
  • A Keyple Calypso module offering a high-level Application Programmable Interface (API) enabling the management of secure Calypso transactions regardless of the card or SAM used, with all generations combined


The integration of Keyple in a specific reader requires the creation of a plugin to allow communication with the supplier’s specific hardware. There are:

  • Plugins for standard PC/SC (Windows, Linux, MacOS), Android OMAPI, and Android NFC reader solutions are already available. The iOS NFC Plugin is coming soon
  • CNA also offers plugins for certain non-standardised, manufacturer-specific solutions (HSM Calypso, Coppernic terminals, Famoco terminals, etc.)

Keyple is available in two languages, Java and C++, so that it can be integrated into all types of ticketing terminals.

Keyple Java v1.0 was published in December 2020. It marks an important milestone as it contains the Keyple Core Distributed component that allows Keyple to be deployed on terminals with a distributed architecture, by driving remote smart card readers independently of network communication protocols.

This solution can allow a ticketing terminal without a SAM to send its SAM requests to a central server. It can also reverse to a ticketing server to control card commands for a remote light terminal.

The launch of v1.0 means that the API has now been frozen. This API will be the reference API for terminal certification, which is currently being developed.

In other news, the porting of Keyple C++ has been delayed, and the version 0.9.0 of Keyple C++ will be released later this January.

Further documentation regarding the Eclipse Keyple project is available at and the sources of the latest Java versions can be found on the GitHub website. For more information on Keyple C++, visit here.