CNA publishes Eclipse Keyple eBook: Blueprint for a smarter future

CNA publishes Eclipse Keyple eBook: Blueprint for a smarter future

Creating seamless, simple customer ticketing journeys is a necessity for Public Transport Operators (PTOs) and Authorities (PTAs) as they encourage passengers to use public transport instead of private vehicles.

It can be a challenge to invest the time and money that’s often required to create a ticketing system that meets modern customer expectations. Specialist transport ticketing expertise can be expensive, especially when dealing with proprietary technology integrations.

To navigate these challenges, the ticketing community needs to consider:

  1. How can we develop smart, scalable and innovative ticketing offerings that are low-cost and easy to implement?
  2. How can we effectively and easily manage changes within existing solutions such as tariff changes, functional and commercial modifications?
  3. How is the ticketing system’s software organised to help set up these requirements throughout its entire life cycle, for example, does it enable software and hardware to be used independently of your manufacturers?

The answer to all of these questions lies in the software behind the solution, which can provide the capacity for a solution to evolve efficiently – if it is based on open, documented Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).

To help PTOs and PTAs prepare for this smart future, Calypso Networks Association has created a new, easy-to-read eBook guide: How Open Software Development Kits (SDKs) are Advancing Ticketing Systems for Public Transport Operators & Authorities.

In here, you will learn how CNA has worked with the developer community to create Eclipse Keyple: a free, open-source SDK that helps to facilitate the implementation of terminal smart card readers, and to define advanced secure ticketing transactions.

This simple, universal, and open tool:

  • Allows developers to quickly and inexpensively create advanced smart ticketing offerings via an open-source community-led SDK to offer peace of mind that the solution is futureproofed.
  • Helps integrators implement a complete, coherent and efficient ticketing service while avoiding the complexity of developing and maintaining expensive, specialist skills.
  • Empowers PTOs and PTAs with autonomy and flexibility over their own networks, giving them control over their own ticketing and avoiding vendor lock-in.

Download our eBook, “Blueprint for a Smarter Future” to learn more about how Keyple is advancing smart ticketing by helping developers quickly, easily and inexpensively integrate advanced smart ticketing solutions into their public transport offer.