CNA 20th Anniversary: All Aboard the Hype Train (or Tramway in this case!)

  • By Vappereau Philippe
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As many of you know, 2023 is the 20th anniversary year for CNA. To celebrate, we are hosting an exclusive showcase of original artworks that you can discover each month, accompanied by anecdotes that have marked the history of Calypso's development.

Starry tramway oil painting
ALL ABOARD FOR THE HYPE TRAIN (OR TRAMWAY IN THIS CASE!) This month’s artwork is a good reminder that our technology is timeless, and appreciated by all, a bit like a famous Dutch painter that may have influenced this artwork. So let’s get on board, carried away by the fervour and passion that our technology inspires, to leave a lasting mark on the world around us and inspire the innovations of tomorrow. All aboard for the journey and long live Calypso!

July’s anecdote: The little mistake

In 1996, our contactless card technology was ready, but there was one small issue with its first release.

When we launched our first pass back in 1996, it was intended as a trial that would involve over a thousand users, who would become the first to travel with a contactless pass on the Paris transport network! At the time, this pass was in the form of a small device, working with a battery. Working on technological projects involves strong research and development work, which obviously demands a great deal of precision, attention to detail, and insight from experts who are the best in their field. Nevertheless, even the smallest and most unexpected mistakes can surprise everyone involved with a project. As we were in the middle of our technology’s inauguration ceremony, and distributing our revolutionary pass to our trial participants, our technical project manager informed us of a little problem. He realized that there had been an issue with the battery’s sizing, which meant that instead of working for 200 days (as intended), it would only work for 20 days, or maybe less… A simple zero can really change everything! Fortunately, the problem was quickly resolved, and we were able to redistribute functional cards. The devil is always in the details! We’re pleased Calypso has since grown to become the trusted standard for millions of daily journeys worldwide. Thank you for being part of our community and joining us on this thrilling ride. Get ready to witness the unfolding of a future that promises to amaze and inspire. Stay tuned… …in the meantime, check out the other artworks, in our exhibition! View more