Check out our 20th anniversary throwback showreel!

Where else would we celebrate our 20th anniversary than in a former railway station? This is why we celebrated at Poinçon in Paris 🚅

On the programme: conferences, an exhibition of our work, and lots of good times!

Thanks again to everyone who showed up, we had a blast and are very grateful!

A special thanks to:
• Gilles de Chanterac
• Gianluca Cuzzolin
• Philippe Vappereau
• Yann Chermat
• Maria Ramirez from Thales

And to our sponsors for this momentous year:
• Roland Cracco from Interparking
• Gregoire Guettin from Ellitt
• Pierre Chassigneux from Carte Bancaire
• Carles Marti and Cecilia Araujo from Calmell
• Louis Brosse from Wizway and Nagels

To relive the moment, watch our showreel.