Calypso launches new technical innovations to deliver flexible mobility ticketing for all

Calypso Networks Association, the global community of transport ticketing stakeholders, has announced a series of technical updates to enhance trust, reliability and accessibility

Calypso Networks Association (CNA), which brings together transport operators and authorities to evolve contactless ticketing systems based on open standards, has announced a series of key technical updates to empower networks to create more seamless, secure and inclusive mobility solutions.


  • Calypso Basic and Calypso Prime PKI cards are now available for the global market, supporting more infrequent journeys and new mobilities (MaaS)
  • A full certification scheme is available for card, mobile and terminals, to ensure performance, security and reliability
  • Prime Extended and Prime PKI capabilities are being brought to the open-source SDK, Eclipse Keyple, which is already being used by over a dozen transport networks globally
  • Development of an Open SAM (Secure Application Module), to make it easier to implement new features and enhance functionalities as part of an open, multi-source offer


“CNA is dedicated to ensuring that networks have control over their smart ticketing ecosystem and can create a sustainable framework for the future,” said Gianluca Cuzzolin, Chairman of CNA. “As passenger behaviours evolve and new mobility options integrate with existing public transport infrastructure, it’s more critical that networks can offer flexible ticketing and MaaS for all.”


To support these travel trends, CNA has launched Calypso Basic, a low-cost, highly-secure contactless ticket, avoiding magnetic stripes, barcodes, QR Codes and proprietary solutions to cater for more occasional travellers and tourists. CNA has also launched Calypso Prime PKI, the only market solution offering interoperable ticketing for public transport networks and new mobility services (MaaS). Designed as one card for multiple networks, it enables access for all passengers, while reducing costs for operators, working across card-centric and ABT ticketing infrastructures.


CNA has decided to completely redraw the original SAM specification to enable easier implementation of new features and enhanced functionalities. In line with its mission to promote open standards for local, regional, national and global use, the new generation of the Calypso security module will be a truly Open SAM, available as a multi-source offer and remotely controlled, removing the headache of making updates in the field.


CNA has also enhanced its certification for cards, mobiles and terminals to ensure continued trust in Calypso open standards. The association has published a list of approved cards compliant with both Calypso functional certification protocols and the STA RF certification, based on CEN/TS 16794. These are all cards currently in production and being shipped by suppliers. Certification guarantees correct operation within Calypso environments, assuring reliability with compliant readers.


CNA is also reaffirming its commitment to the open-source SDK, Eclipse Keyple., which it donated to the transport community in 2021. By adding Prime Extended and Prime PKI capabilities to the tool, operators are freed from dependence on manufacturers, avoiding having to wait for them to modify software or paying them to do it.


“These technical updates are the latest in a long line of innovative evolutions to Calypso that continue to increase the scope of ticketing and pave the way for enhanced mobility solutions such as Mobility-as-a-Service,” added Cuzzolin. “Calypso’s open-source solutions are developed by the transport ticketing community for the transport ticketing community, ultimately giving operators and authorities control over their ticketing system. This enables them to provide a sustainable secure and seamless ticketing experience for a full range of mobility services, free from any proprietary control.”

Visit CNA’s website to learn more about its range of open standard specifications.