Calypso for Interoperability

CNA advances global standardisation through the development of interoperable systems and standards. All Calypso products and services are based on existing standards and have been designed carefully to ensure seamless integration and interoperability.

Hoplink is based on Calypso ticketing technology to create a robust, effective solution for interoperability between networks. The service allows customers to travel seamlessly locally, nationally and internationally, by merging all of their tickets and travel cards into one single card or app. It is designed to allow interoperability between networks.

With Hoplink, a transport operator can host new ticketing contracts on their Calypso-based cards from other operators adhering to the same rules. This allows passengers travelling across different transport networks to have a single solution for all their transport needs, which could also include parking or access control.

Fundamentally, Hoplink gives greater flexibility to transport and mobility networks, simply and conveniently, while maintaining system control.

Read the Hoplink brochure here.

How does it work?

Hoplink is managed by an Alliance comprising transport authorities, operators and service providers. Collectively they define and manage the Hoplink service and ensure compliance with pre-defined security principles. This approach removes the need for individual commercial agreements and clearing systems.

Transport operators can integrate:

  • The Hoplink application into their travel cards so customers can use their travel card/app on other travel networks that have also opted into the scheme
  • The Hoplink keys into their security modules and adapt the software of sales and validation devices, to accept the Hoplink cards issued by other operators

Find the Hoplink specifications and guidelines in the Calypso Documentation Library

Who is using this service?

More than 30 transport authorities and operators have signed up to Hoplink to offer extended services to their users to streamline their ticketing needs, save time and make travel more convenient.

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What are the key benefits of Hoplink?

  • Easy to integrate: Transport and mobility operators can integrate Hoplink without disrupting the backend systems
  • Instant access: Travellers with a Hoplink logo on their card/app benefit automatically from the service
  • Eco-friendly: Hoplink is environmentally-friendly as it requires no paper work, registration and eliminates the need for paper tickets
  • Improves the customer experience: Hoplink offers convenience to customers by reducing the need to buy multiple tickets