29 Million Calypso Cards Sold Globally in 2019

Technical body Calypso Networks Association (CNA) today revealed that more than 28.9 million Calypso cards were sold around the world in 2019, providing public transport operators (PTOs) and public transport authorities (PTAs) with greater control over their ticketing systems and the ability to effectively fight fraud.

Calypso is an open, secure contactless ticketing standard that details how data is shared between a traveller’s ticket located on a plastic card, smartphone or other media, and a PTO/PTAs’ ticketing reader, such as an access control barrier, machine or handheld reader. It enables interoperability and is supported by multiple providers. Any interested party from the transport sector can be part of the community which defines, develops and manages the standard.

“PTO/PTAs want to control and advance their ticketing systems in a sustainable and cost-effective manner,” explains Philippe Vappereau, Chairman of CNA. “This is driving the demand for an open and transparent standards-based approach to increase vendor competition and ultimately lower lifecycle management costs. With more than 40 manufacturers engaged with Calypso, 38 products certified and 3 independent sources of chips, PTOs/PTAs have confidence that they will not be locked-in by a single vendor.”

The Calypso standard covers the purchase, reload, validation and control of tickets and transport contracts. Manufacturers use the standards as a foundation to develop secure ticketing and access control products that can integrate into established systems; across different modes of transports (bus, train, parking); different transport networks (across regions and cities); and across international borders. Today the standard is deployed in 27 countries worldwide.

“CNA is a not for profit body that brings the contactless ticketing community together by providing a platform to exchange ideas, experience and requirements to create an open ticketing framework that support evolving mobility needs,” adds Vappereau. “By empowering the transport community to define the future of their ticketing ecosystem, Calypso enables PTAs/PTOs to not only deliver the best possible ticketing experience to their customers, but also a roadmap that stays one-step-ahead of technology advancements and customer digitalisation needs.”

About Calypso Networks Association

Calypso Networks Association (CNA) is a global not-for-profit industry association for the contactless ticketing community. It brings together over 100 organisations across the transport, mobility and services sectors to control and evolve the contactless ticketing ecosystem through open standards.

CNA regulates the use of Calypso technology, and delivers expert services, to promote open standards and enable their use across local, regional, national and global ticketing requirements. Every aspect of CNA’s work is defined and driven by its global network of members. For more information, please visit the CNA website: www.calypsonet.org