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Ticketing for MaaS


Beyond its original function of collecting revenues from transport, ticketing is now considered as the armed wing of Mobility as a Service, known by the acronym of MaaS. Ticketing must enable mobility services to be combined and offer passengers a seamless, end-to-end, easily accessible transport offer.

Account Based Ticketing with Calypso


Account Based Ticketing is already considered as the next major evolution in Ticketing Systems, while Calypso - a card-centric model deployed in 125 cities around the world since 20 years, has been adopted in many contactless ticketing schemes in the world.

Designed for transportation and multi-application, ready for multi-service and mobile.

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Focused on transport, perfect for both media based and account-based ticketing systems.

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Contactless paper tickets done right, at the lowest cost.

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