What are the benefits of open transport ticketing standards to operators and authorities?

As part of our collaboration with OSPT Alliance, we have developed an eBook that explores the impact that an open ticketing standard can have for operators and authorities around the globe.

Dispelling any myths and misconceptions, readers will gain key insights and understanding into:

  • What constitutes an open standard and the different type of standards the market uses.
  • The ability of standards to contain a ticketing system’s total cost of ownership.
  • How globally defined member-driven standards meet local needs and support innovation.
  • The vital role of the transport community in defining the functionality required.
  • How ticketing standards can become the gateway to consumer mobility.

We hope you find these insights valuable and useful as we continue to grow a sustainable future for transport ticketing.

If you want to learn more about our collaboration with OSPT Alliance and how we’re working to deliver the future of open standards in transport ticketing, visit www.ticketingopenstandards.org for more information and resources.

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