Insights on demand: Watch every session from our 2023 User Days

All nine sessions from our 2023 User Days are now available to watch on demand

In 2023, CNA returned to Venice for our annual User Days. Delegates throughout the transport ticketing community joined us at the Casinò di Venezia for two days of discussion and debate on the latest trends in contactless ticketing.

This ranged from how to meet local needs, to the global mobility macro-trends of Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS), as well as standardising ticketing with Calypso technology beyond transport. If you couldn’t be there, or if you simply want to hear them again, each session is now available on our YouTube channel.

We would like to thank AVM/ACTV for sponsoring the event and hosting us in Venice. Your support has made this event possible – Grazie!

Session Overviews

Session 1: Opening Keynotes

  • Gianluca Cuzzolin (CNA), Michele Zuin (City of Venice), Giovanni Seno (ACTV), Mirco Armandi (Asstra)

Session 2:  Presentation of the Venice ticketing project with focus on Calypso® products

  • Speaker: Carmelinda Parente (ACTV).

Session 3: MaaS and digitalisation (of course!), but also how to manage the evolution of ticketing systems efficiently.

  • Moderator: Paulo Barreto (CNA).
  • Speakers: Alain Caffart (CTS Strasbourg), Nicolas Generali (SNCF), Guido Cangiano (Unicocampania), Mustafa Öziçsel (Asis), Jérémy Rubel (Setec ITS), and Mauro de Bernardin (ACTV).

Session 4: Certification: an additional complexity or a necessity for the smooth operation of your ticketing system?

  • Moderator: Arnaud Depaigne (FIME).
  • Speakers: Laurence Masson (Paycert), Maurizio Locatelli (Interparking), Bulent Usta (Asis), Cristiano Pardo (HID Global), and Enrique Gomez (SEMOVI Mexico).

Session 5: Will digitalization and open payment cause travel cards to be phased out?

  • Moderator: Philippe Vappereau (CNA).
  • Speakers: Rodrigo Diaz (ex SEMOVI Mexico), Alexandre Domingues (TML Lisbon), Claude Camillli (Île-de-France Mobilités), and Jean-Luc Van Ginger Deuren (STIB Brussels).

Session 6: The latest news on the Calypso standard

  • Speakers: Yann Chermat (CNA), Paulo Barreto (CNA)

Session 7: Round table of newcomers to Calypso

  • Moderator: Manon Chaix (CNA).
  • Speakers: Mario Pedro (ENBI Angola), Geanina Suditu (TPBI Bucharest), Guido Cangiano (UnicoCampania), and Tierno Aw (CETUD Dakar).

Session 8: National ticketing schemes: How the concept is developing all over the world

  • Moderator: Ralph Gambetta (CNA).
  • Speakers: Jim Van den Rrijse (Belgian Mobility Card), Tierno Aw (CETUD Dakar), Alexandre Domingues (TML Lisbon), Christian Senly (Cubic), and Mário Pedro (ENBI).

Session 9: Calypso as NFC Technology wider than public transport

  • Moderator: Claudio Giovannini (CNA)
  • Speaker: Maurizio Pelozi (Club Italia), Roland Cracco (Interparking), and Preeti Ohri Khemani (NFC Forum).

We look forward to welcoming even more of you in 2024!

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