Key Takeaways from the Calypso Open Tech Day 2023

The Calypso community came together in Paris at the end of 2023, to discuss the latest updates to the technology and future CNA priorities.

The 2023 Calypso Open Tech Day took place during the afternoon of our annual CNA Open Session in late 2023, bringing together members of CNA and users of Calypso from throughout the public transport sector to discuss key challenges and opportunities facing open ticketing standards. Our common goal? Ensure that Calypso continues to meet the diverse needs of the transit ticketing community.

Modern solutions for modern ticketing

At the Open Tech Day, it was announced that, following a first draft in July, our open SAM (Secure Access Module) had entered the next phases of its development process: receiving feedback from members. The next step is with the Security Technical Committee to review and refine the specification to ensure that it is clear for everyone and answers all requirements. The final version is planned for publication in Q1 2024.

We also announced enhancements to our mobile ticketing offer through the publication of version 2.0 of the Calypso Applet. This offers full support of Calypso Prime Regular, Extended & Prime PKI features, fully compliant with the Calypso REV3.3 ed. 2 specification.

A new ABT Technical Committee

Our new Account Based Ticketing (ABT) Technical Committee also kicked off with a dedicated workshop. This session brought together stakeholders from throughout the transport ticketing landscape, inviting them to share the key challenges and opportunities they see for this ticketing setup. The information shared in this session will help define the future priorities of our ABT Committee, which will meet to again in Q1 2024 to progress the next steps.

If you missed this first session, but are interested in supporting and taking part in this committee, please let us know by emailing [email protected]

You can also learn more about the activity of our Technical Committees and Working Groups here.

Keyple news: Announcing Eclipse Keypop

For the past two years, we have been defining APIs for ticketing terminals and offering Java and C++ code versions of these APIs, implemented by the Keyple component libraries.

The CNA Terminal Technical Committee will continue to manage the functional definition of ticketing terminal APIs but since November 2023, the Java and C++ code versions of these APIs are now hosted in a new open-source project: Eclipse Keypop.

New versions of the Keyple and Keypop Java components have already been released and the main functional improvement is the ability to manage cryptographic processing through extension libraries.

We already have one cryptographic extension available, for the management of the legacy SAM solution, but in early 2024 we also plan to offer another cryptographic extension to support Prime PKI card authentication.

Strengthening the ticketing community

The 2024 Open Tech Day once more proved the value of collaboration as attendees came together to help define the latest technical and strategic developments to the Calypso standard. It gave all in attendance the opportunity to learn how to enhance the compatibility, interoperability, and performance of ticketing solutions, and it is this strong industry wide collaboration that is at the heart of our work.

We continue to champion open ticketing standards that are for the transport ticketing community, by the transport ticketing community.

If you missed out this time, you still can see the presentations given by our technical experts team:

Thank you again for our sponsors for this event; ELITT, Interparking, GIE Cartes Bancaires, nagels, Planeta Informática, Thales, Wizway Solutions, and Spirtech, as well as our Gold Members, ENBI and Infineon Technologies.

We hope to see everyone again in 2024!