CNA’s guide to tenders

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CNA publishes guide to drafting tenders for cards, NFC mobile ticketing and terminals based on the Calypso standard.

Calypso was created to be developed, maintained and managed by transport authorities and operators who together form the Calypso Networks Association (CNA).

To ensure the sustainability of a dynamic transport ticketing system, it is necessary to be able to integrate equipment, cards and software from different manufacturers. This can be a challenging process with a lot of moving parts. Authorities and operators must make sure that they provide the relevant requirements for their network that ensure full interoperability for cards and terminals from different providers, without getting locked in dependencies on one single vendor.

To help support transit authorities and operators draft and manage Calls for Tender, CNA has produced a step-by-step guide to the process and key considerations. Access the document here.

It outlines the requirements of a call for tender to guarantee compatibility and scalability for cards, NFC mobile ticketing and terminals based on the Calypso standard, including:

  • Radio frequency requirements and certifications for contactless cards
  • Secure Element and HCE solution requirements for mobile ticketing
  • Terminal software requirements

Download the guide to learn more about how to integrate Calypso into your ticketing system, creating a network based on open standards, free from proprietary constraints.