CNA Quarterly Update: Q3 2021

Continuing with CNA’s Quarterly Update blog series, we are pleased to take a look at the big achievements and activities throughout summer/autumn 2021. Subscribe to our monthly newsletter and follow us on LinkedIn to keep up-to-date on all the latest news, insights, events and opportunities to get involved in CNA community activities.

Evolving mobile ticketing

Reflecting the growing role of mobile ticketing (m-ticketing) in the future of transit, CNA announced a number of initiatives that address the critical need for security and interoperability.

The Calypso HCE Security Certification (CHSC) scheme empowers developers of Android ticketing solutions using software-based Host Card Emulation (HCE). As HCE is widely considered less secure than a hardware-based Secure Element for storing sensitive data on a mobile device, CNA recognises that application developers must be empowered to enhance security and address vulnerabilities.

Taking inspiration from established practices within the payments sector and certified using independent labs, CHSC is a state-of-the-art reference framework that ensures ‘security by design’ and increases hacking resistance, supporting trust with both operators and passengers with m-ticketing applications.

HID Global became the first ticketing solution provider to benefit from the CHSC after using it as part of the development process for its SOMA Atlas™ 4Digital Software Development Kit (SDK). Île-de-France Mobilités was the first network to benefit from the CHSC scheme to provide secure m-ticketing for its passengers.

To support m-ticketing users in Strasbourg benefit from greater interoperability, CTS (Compagnie des Transports Strasbourgeois), who manage the public transport network in Strasbourg, became the first mobility operator to deploy the HCE Calypso Interoperable Application (HCIA). HCIA combines Calypso HCE for Android-based m-ticketing with Hoplink to offer passengers a seamless, secure m-ticketing experience among networks within the Hoplink scheme.

Supporting innovation from developers  

With the release of Eclipse Keyple 2.0 – the latest evolution of the open-source SDK – CNA took another step towards its goal to support a smarter ticketing ecosystem. Using functions within the Keyple library, developers can produce smart software for ticketing terminal applications, similar to ‘plug and play’, without relying on a network’s existing vendor. This significantly lowers the time, resources and technical skills needed to implement and maintain a Calypso-compatible digital ticketing infrastructure, allowing greater focus on innovation and providing a smarter passenger experience.

Myth-busting open standards

September saw us continue to engage with the transit community to highlight the role and benefits of open standards in ticketing with the publication of our latest eBook. Produced in collaboration with OSPT Alliance, the eBook addresses key myths and misconceptions surrounding open standards while also highlighting the role the entire transit ticketing community can play in creating innovative, futureproof solutions.

We also worked to enhance the clarity of the Calypso portfolio with the publication of new product brochures. Our new brochures highlight the key benefits and use cases of our three smartcard product lines – Calypso Prime, Light and Basic – giving readers insight into how each line accommodates different network requirements.

Meanwhile, our Calypso for Terminals update divides our recommendations into three separate layer requirements – Reader, Calypso and Ticketing – allowing us to continually support the evolving range of products CNA offers. These updates aim to help define our offer and give members more clarity into the solutions we can support, allowing everyone to adopt the most suitable solution for their network.

Calypso’s growing network

The last few months have seen us welcome several new members to the CNA community, including a diverse cross section of the Portuguese transit sector with Metropolitano de Lisboa and Carris. We also had Transportes Metropolitanos de Lisboa (TML) join the Hoplink Alliance, supporting greater levels of ticketing interoperability for its passengers.

Other new members who joined CNA include global tech services company Commit, trading group TKXPORT LLC  and transport and ticketing technology manufacturer, Scheidt & Bachmann

We look forward to working with all of these new and current members from around the globe.

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