CNA offre un programme de formation complet toute l’année afin d’encourager les bonnes pratiques du secteur et d’acquérir la maîtrise du standard Calypso.

Cette formation est l’occasion d’enrichir son répertoire de compétences, d’échanger et de mieux comprendre comment tirer le meilleur parti de la technologie Calypso.

Toute la formation s’articule de sorte à répondre aux besoins du secteur des transports et de la mobilité ; certaines sessions sont destinées aux exploitants et autorités, et d’autres concernent plus spécialement les industriels, les développeurs et les consultants.

CNA est aussi en mesure d’organiser des programmes de formation personnalisés sur demande.


Pour en savoir plus la formation proposée par CNA ou pour nous faire part d’un projet de formation personnalisée, contactez notre équipe.

2021/22 Training modules


Introduction to CNA and Calypso
A short module introducing CNA and the Calypso standard. Relevant to all audiences.

Contactless ticketing best practice
This module explores best practices for installing a contactless ticketing system, or adapting an existing system, to meet the challenges of sustainable mobility. Suitable for all audiences.

From chip card to Java card
This module helps participants understand the physical and electronic principles of the smart card. This module is relevant to multiple audiences and can be adapted to participant interests and knowledge level accordingly.

Calypso specifications
The most common entry point to CNA’s technical training plan, providing trainees with a common framework and vocabulary for understanding CNA solutions and how they interact with ticketing stack software.

Calypso certification
This module explores the benefits and importance of a standardised, international certification policy. It provides an overview to CNA’s certification process and rationale.

Calypso and NFC mobile
Overview of mobile ticketing market and Calypso’s solutions to managing mobile phones as a ticketing medium. Suitable for all audiences.

Functional and technical principles Calypso session layer
Follows the overview offered in the ‘Calypso Specifications’ module to review the specific features and advantages of Calypso portable objects in more technical detail. Although this module has a more technical focus, it is accessible to multiple audiences and can be adapted to participant interests and knowledge level accordingly.

Calypso Portable Object Application
Overview of the main technical features of the Calypso Operating System (OS). Participants will gain an understanding of the possibilities for implementing their own data model within a Calypso structure. The technical content of this module means that it is only suitable for audiences with some existing technical knowledge.

Calypso Light Technical Presentation
This technical presentation overviews the main characteristics of the Calypso Light Application (CLAP), the operating system (OS) for portable objects specified by CNA.

Hoplink and its use cases
An introduction to Hoplink, its importance for ticketing interoperability and key use-cases. The module includes technical discussion of slot release mechanisms. Some content in this session will be adapted for less technical audiences.

Introduction to Eclipse Keyple
This module overviews the importance of an open source approach to ticketing, and introduces Keyple, CNA’s open source SDK for contactless ticketing. The session includes discussion of Keyple’s architecture and its software integration. Suitable for all audiences.

SAM and Keys in Calypso security
Introduction to electronic security keys and how they are created and stored. Participants will learn how to assess and avoid the key risks encountered in managing a SAM. Participants may find attending the “Calypso session layer” and “Hoplink, role and use case” modules prior to this session helpful. Relevant to all groups. Content may be modified according to participant knowledge level and interests.

Public key cryptography
A concise overview of the two major forms of cryptographic algorithm: public key cryptography and secret key cryptography. The module aims to provide a helpful general background for participants, rather than discussion of specific Calypso products. Although technical in focus, this module can be adapted for broader audiences.

A technical overview of Hoplink
This technical module covers the mechanisms required to protect each user’s assets during the secure sharing of an application and its keys. This module requires at least intermediate technical knowledge.

Calypso Additional Security Mechanisms
Calypso has additional security mechanisms based on SAM. This is the traceability of SAM and CAAD.

Technical expertise
This module is dedicated to Eclipse Keyple and includes its technical presentation and installation, some examples of implementation and testing, practical works on use cases, SDK / API tutorial.


Les différents modules peuvent être choisis et organisés en sessions de formation d’une demi-journée, qui peuvent contenir un maximum de deux modules.

  • Une session d’une demi-journée (correspondant à 2 modules) pour un groupe de 10 personnes maximum, dans le cadre d’une formation sur demande, au tarif de 2 000 € hors taxe.
  • Une session d’une demi-journée (correspondant à 2 modules) pour une personne dans le cadre d’une formation inter-entreprises au tarif de 400 €.

What do our members say?

We would like to thank CNA for the warm welcome and high quality training which was very useful for us. We intend to put the modules studied into practice to benefit both our current and future projects. We look forward to continuing to work closely with CNA in the future.

Khadim Cissé,

Dakar Urban Transport (CETUD)

As many of our customers have Calypso ticketing systems, it is essential that we keep an in depth and up to date knowledge of the Calypso technology and are trained on the latest improvements of this technology that evolves with time to adapt to requirements and environments. CNA organised a training session for key people involved in projects which meant they could reach a high standard in a very short time. CNA understood our needs perfectly and tailored the training session accordingly. The session was much appreciated, thanks both the actual on-site training and to the training material. The interactions between CNA experts and attendees were also essential in reaching a high level of competence in record time, thus enabling us to put our skills to good use in ongoing projects immediately.

Emmanuel Jammes,

RATP Smart Systems

The Calypso Training was an immersive exploration of every aspect needed to implement a resilient transport fee system based on Mexico City’s security needs. The CNA consultants were able to shape a   functional team from previously unknown and non-communicated transport organisms, which now operate as a single figure (Movilidad Integrada), bigger than the sum of its individual parts.

Arturo Sánchez Navarro,

SEMOVI, Mexico City