CNA: New members join from Europe, Africa and North America

CNA is honored to welcome Ile de France Mobilités, the Paris Area Region Authority for transportation and SEMOVI CDMX, the Secretary of Transportation of Mexico Stat as new members.

These memberships reinforces our goal of being a technology at the service of users and our association a privileged place to develop Calypso in the right direction, according to Transport Authorities and Operators needs and expectations:
Benoît Boute, Head of Marketing and Ticketing explains the reasons for their involvement: “IDFM is in line with the innovative orientations adopted by CNA: definition of specifications for mid-range flexible tickets, or even HCE and  ABT guidlines, and is delighted to participate in the work that will ensure the sustainability of a robust, open and multi-vendor standard, a pillar of our current security and at the heart of our future developments. IDFM hopes that this strengthened link will lead to a fruitful collaborative work, in favour of the transport community as a whole.”

According to María del Rosario Castro Escorcia, Directora General de Coordinación de Organismos Públicos y Proyectos, Estratégico:
“SEMOVI is honored to become a member of CNA as we think this will be a source of useful and fruitful exchanges and support to bring the best services to our citizens. We really believe that CNA can bring operators closer and facilitate the discussion with the different actors in ticketing, allowing new ideas to circulate in an innovative context to see new solution emerging.”

List of our last memberships

FRANCE: Agiltech, Ile de France Mobilités, PW Consultants

IVORY COST: DAT-Digital Afrique Telecom

MEXICO: SEMOVI CDMX, Icards Solutions Latinoamerica, Dyntra, Servicios Administrados Rodhe, Teknei