CNA 20th Anniversary: wait… what’s the deal with this subway?

  • By Vappereau Philippe
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As many of you know, 2023 is the 20th anniversary year for CNA. To celebrate, we are hosting an exclusive showcase of original artworks that you can discover each month, accompanied by anecdotes that have marked the history of Calypso's development.

Renaissance metro
WAIT… WHAT’S THE DEAL WITH THIS SUBWAY? The chairs, the design, the drawings, the lights… isn’t there something a little weird about it? Don’t worry, everything’s fine: it’s simply a subway from the 18th century! You may notice how fast, easy, contactless, technology is the most attractive and comfortable option. But that’s just a thought…

May’s anecdote:

Calypso Deployment: The Race Between Two Cities

Do you know which city in the world was the first to develop Calypso in its transportation network? An interesting question, especially since we are not quite sure on our side! But how is this possible? The reason is very simple! In 1999, ticketing systems using the Calypso standard were installed in two cities at the same time: Amiens, a city in the north of France, and Nice, a metropolis bordering the French Riviera. Given the proximity of the installation’s dates, no one can precisely determine with certainty which of the two cities was the one to be awarded the title of the world’s first Calypso city. It is so close in fact that we insisted during a conference in Amiens that we were particularly happy to be in the first city in the world where Calypso was deployed… and we said the same at a conference in Nice, with great certainty! To avoid any form of jealousy, we now prefer to tell ourselves that the two cities are even! On the other hand, there is no doubt as to which European capital was the first to deploy Calypso, as this was Lisbon, Portugal.