CNA 20th Anniversary: 20 Years Old…And Many More to Go

  • By Vappereau Philippe
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Toile vierge

Our 20th anniversary provided a great opportunity to take a look at our past: now it’s time to look towards the future!

With this piece of art, we invite you to imagine the future of CNA and of transportation!

Thanks again to everyone who helped make this project a success, we’ll see you in the future… maybe to celebrate another 20 years!

Twenty-thousand thanks!

This year was not just about celebrating our 20th anniversary. It was also a way of expressing all the pride we feel about the Calypso project: its history, its evolution and the people involved.

We would therefore like to thank:

The Chairmen that have animated the CNA community over the last 20 years: Andre Ampelas, Gilles de Chanterac, Philippe Vappereau and Gianluca Cuzzolin.

And our sponsors that have supported our year of celebration: Roland Cracco from Interparking, Gregoire Guettin from Ellitt, Pierre Chassigneux from CB, Carles Marti and Cecilia Araujo from Calmell, Louis Brosse from Wizway and Insa Nagels from Nagels!

We’d also like to thank:

Those that worked on Calypso and/or contributed to CNA

  • François Guillaume
  • Isabelle Scharf
  • Sylvie Buglioni
  • Danielle Gerard
  • Françoise Chantren
  • Gregory Mardinian
  • Joanne Katz
  • Jean-Claude Baillon
  • Bruno Moreau
  • Didier Pinson
  • Virginie Le Cacheux
  • Ghislaine Mougel
  • Arnaud Pelletier
  • Germaine Frecon
  • Günther Lieby
  • Helge Lorenz
  • Manfred Ritechel
  • Manfred Roth
  • Torsten Grundel
  • Michela Pedrocco
  • Jorge Vieira Da Silva
  • Agathe Ariztegui
  • Francis Sykes
  • François Grieu
  • Monia Douadi
  • Nicolas Cartier
  • Philippe Rousselet
  • Stéphane Didier
  • Valentina Zajackowski
  • Nicolas Generali
  • Eric Burgsthaler
  • Jacques Bahadori
  • Yvonne Yam
  • Pierre Terree
  • Manon Chaix
  • Naomi Ohira
  • Philippe Guillaumin
  • Ludovic Teixeira Costa
  • Ralph Gambetta
  • Paulo Barreto
  • Luiz Fernando Portella
  • Enrique Gomez
  • Ana-Maria Paladus
  • Yuliia Kuznetsova
  • Artur Kassovitz
  • Pascal Vanhaesebroucke
  • Nathalie Nagamootoo
  • Bruno Molin
  • Frederic Levy
  • Brice Ruppen
  • Jean Pierre Fortune
  • Andrei Cristea
  • Frederic Bouchy

The founders of the original Calypso European project

  • Alessandro Cassone
  • Alain Flausch
  • Maria Regina Ferreira
  • André Ampelas
  • Bruno Moreau
  • Gilles De Chanterac
  • Renzo Brunetti
  • Frank Hammerle
  • Etienne Graindor
  • Philippe Vappereau
  • Joao Reis Simoes
  • Joël Eppe
  • Maria Regina Lourenço Ferreira
  • Antonio Proenca
  • Robert Maus
  • Fernanda Sousa

Supporters of Calypso

  • Elisabeth Borne
  • Michel Billotte
  • René Coutu
  • Benoit Chapuis
  • Jean-Jacques Helluin
  • Antoine Chevre
  • Andres Lajous
  • Rosario Castro
  • Michel Gruber
  • Tiago Farias
  • Alain Sniter
  • Fausto Sa-Marques

Thank you all and see you very soon!

Thank you for being part of our community and for joining us on this thrilling ride. Get ready to witness the unfolding of a future that promises to amaze and inspire. Stay tuned…

…and in the meantime, check out the complete exhibition! View more