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This document is the specification of HCIA (HCE Calypso Interoperable Application).

HCIA is a a specific Calypso HCE application using a subset of the cryptographic keys present in all Hoplink SAMs.

HCIA is defined by Calypso Networks Association and the Hoplink governance body to allow a mechanism similar to Hoplink with HCE (Host Card Emulation).

The present document contains only requirements specific to HCIA, i.e. not already present in the Calypso HCE specification or in the Hoplink specification.

HCIA complies with the Calypso HCE specification. As any other Calypso HCE application it can be present in any NFC phone using the HCE interface provided by the Android operating system since its version 4.4 (“KitKat”).

HCIA also complies with the Hoplink specification, except when superseded by a requirement of the present document (e.g. AID, keys).

Note: The Hoplink ecosystem enables using a unique contactless and secure portable object across networks, without any necessity of a common back-office.

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Document Published:

22 Apr 2020

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Mobile, Interoperability

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HCE, Hoplink

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