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The Calypso Card API is a high-level API used by the Ticketing Layer standardizing the way to interact with a Calypso product (card, SAM, etc.). It defines the interfaces and classes needed to operate a Calypso card transaction and recover a Calypso card image.

The Calypso Card API is proposed in 2 programming languages Java & C++, but these versions are based on the same object-oriented model.

To learn more about the Calypso Card API, read directly the documentation or download the link.

To learn more about this version 1.3 of the Calypso Card API, see the change log.

CNA has also defined other APIs for ticketing terminal: Reader API and Card API.

CNA has also defined requirements which have to be followed by ticketing terminals, see: how to implement calypso in a ticketing terminal?

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26 Oct 2022

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