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This note gives examples of a Calypso secure session processing, with the detailed bytes of all commands sent to the Calypso card and to the SAM.

See Calypso Core Definitions | 210812 document for the description on the Secure Session.

The examples given in the present note are typical transactions with a Calypso card application and a contactless public transport access terminal, for a valid season pass (no debit of the card).

They indicate the actions performed, and the commands sent to the card and the SAM, for a secure session in Regular mode and for a session in Extended mode with encryption.

See Calypso TN325 | 190820 for an example of a secure session in PKI mode.

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Document Published:

10 Aug 2022

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Technical Note





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Card, Mobile, Terminal, SAM

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Prime, Light, Basic, Applet, HCE, SAM-C1

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