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This note describes the management rules for the Calypso serial numbers. It applies to Calypso cards of any kind (Calypso Prime/Light/Basic/HCE, and future ones), unless indicated otherwise.

A Calypso serial number is an 8-byte value identifying a Calypso card, or a Calypso card application, e.g. each Calypso card application is associated to a serial number of 8 bytes.

The Calypso serial number allows a unique identification of the card or card application, among the whole range of Calypso products. It is for example used for the key diversification in the SAM, and for identifying and blacklisting card applications or cards, etc.

It is critical for the good working of the Calypso system that the serial number be unique to a card. The rules described in this note ensure this uniqueness.

These rules shall be followed by all Calypso card manufacturers and issuers of Calypso applications for cards.

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2 Aug 2022

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Technical Note





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Prime, Light, Basic, Applet, HCE

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