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This document aims at positioning the Calypso HCE application in a more general environment, the Calypso HCE Ecosystem, and at giving best practices for an efficient and secure implementation.

In a first section, the present document describes a Calypso HCE Ecosystem, specifies its perimeters and sub-systems. The specification deals with roles when these guidelines define actors who may play several roles.

For each sub-system and its interfaces, the objective is to find the appropriate level of Calypso specifications or recommendations, when they are necessary or useful.

The cryptographic exchanges of each main functions provide an illustration of the security mechanisms specified in the Calypso HCE specifications.

A dedicated section lists the minimum-security requirements for the implementation of a Calypso HCE application and presents the security certification of a Calypso HCE application recommended by CNA

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22 Feb 2022

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