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This document specifies the Calypso HCE Application product.

A Calypso HCE application is a software application containing data organized as a Calypso file structure, and implementing the Calypso features with a good level of compatibility with existing Calypso Prime applications and using the NFC HCE interface provided by the Android operating system since its version 4.4 (“KitKat”).

Since HCE applications do not offer the same level of security to store information as do secure elements such as smartcards, cloning, reversal of data to an earlier state, and modification of

data stored in a portable object should be considered possible in an HCE application.

However, contrary to cards, mobile phones are connected objects. It is possible to lower the risk by regular connections of the mobile phone to the remote system responsible for overseeing the security of the applications deployed.

Therefore, in order achieve a good compatibility with Calypso Prime Revision 3 systems with an acceptable level of security to prevent fraud, the scope and purpose of this document is:

  • to specify the specific cryptographic data and mechanisms that shall be implemented in Calypso HCE applications, and

  • based on the Calypso Prime Card Application Specification (Revision 3.2), which is assumed to be known, to specify the differences for Calypso HCE applications.

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4 Jul 2018

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