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The purpose of this document is to serve as the entry point into the world of Calypso.

It introduces and presents what constitutes a Calypso System, the core concepts of the technology to facilitate its understanding. The core concepts presented in this document are required for the clear understanding of all other Calypso technical documents (which will often refer to this document) it should thus be a constant companion in the exploration of the Calypso world.

It is intended for anyone wishing to learn about the technical part of Calypso whether they are users (transport providers, PTAs, PTOs, etc.) or solutions providers (consultants, integrators, system designers, software developers, etc.).

Additional Information

Document Published:

7 Jul 2022

Document Type:

General Presentation





Calypso Solution:

Card, Mobile, Terminal, Central System, Interoperability, SAM

Calypso Product:

Applet, Basic, HCE, Hoplink, Light, Prime, SAM-C1

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