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This document defines the Calypso Basic Protection Profile (PP) which includes the minimum-security requirements for Calypso Basic products, such as secure initialisation of the used cryptographic keys, key diversification and a key hierarchy mechanism, secure key storage, access control mechanism to persistent data, secure session, ratification, usage of transaction counters, and memory modification management.

This Protection Profile claims conformance with the assurance package EAL2+ which consists of the predefined EAL2 package augmented with ALC_DVS.1 and AVA_SPECIFIC.1. This is a CC Part 3 extended assurance component that is based on AVA_VAN.2 and which requires resistance to the Enhanced-basic attack potential as defined in [JIL-AAPS].

Calypso Basic product is a contactless smartcard with an ISO/IEC 14443 interface, running a single Calypso Basic application. Such a product focuses on providing access to public transportation and possibly other associated services that can be combined into a transport title or ticket.

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26 Oct 2021

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