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This document provides technical guidelines which should help ticketing system architects having to design a practical ABT solution using Calypso cards.

Such solutions inevitably rely on a set of data securely stored in cards, which is one of the primary purposes of Calypso applications. Storing, updating and using data from portable objects enables ABT schemes to provide the best service to travelers and mobility stakeholders whilst coping with communication networks that do not always provide instant connectivity.

The more information is stored in cards or in terminals, the more hybrid the system between ABT and card-centric, and the less ABT expectations and requirements may be met, the risk being that benefits do not compensate costs. The right balance is therefore critical and will feature in the future proposed Calypso ABT standards.

Meanwhile, these guidelines are not a detailed technical specification, but operational recommendations for optimum implementations.

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18 Oct 2019

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Central System, Terminal, Card

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Prime, Light, Basic, Applet, HCE

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